This is what happens when you quit your job and how to take advantage of it

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I haven’t written in Medium for a while. But I am back! Boy, do I have a lot to share from my lessons learned! I quit my job and my last day was October 26th, 2020. I went through many emotions, of course. As I was deciding to quit, all I could think about was the large amount of freedom I was about to have.

I kept asking myself, if I didn’t have this job, what would I do for 40 hours a week?

After I quit, I celebrated. I bought myself a Halloween cake and bought 4 different color…

These products prove that eco-friendly and luxurious go together.

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HidrateSpark- Smart Water Bottle

This smart water bottle is the perfect product to start your journey in sustainable living.

With this smart water bottle, you immediately eliminate your plastic water bottle usage and simultaneously track your water intake.

But that’s not all! See some of the features below:

  • Calculates your daily water intake based on age, height, weight, sex, altitude, and more.
  • Glows to remind you when you should drink water.
  • Tested in clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic.

4.1 out of 5 stars

HidrateSpark Steel Ad Video

Anker- Solar-Powered Phone Charger

With this portable charger, you are able to travel far distances and “charge with the power…

What do you actually care about?

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Let’s be honest.

Starting a sustainable lifestyle is no easy task.

If you google “sustainable living”, you get several results saying:

  • “25+ways to start a sustainable lifestyle”,
  • “7 tips to begin sustainable living”,
  • “Guide to sustainable living”,
  • and more. . .

All are valid and helpful. However, in the beginning, it may be daunting to see that there is so much to do.

I suggest you answer the following question as your first step.

What do you actually care about?

There are many ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle. You can save energy, reduce your food waste, shop green, etc.

Once you become a YouTuber, you won’t let go.

I created the YouTube Channel “Marisol dot Today” on September 16th, 2020, and published my first video on September 20th, 2020.

Here, I share my highs and lows for the first 3 weeks. Have I stayed up late at night thinking about what topic to do my next video? Have I shared my YouTube video everywhere? Am I thinking about my next YouTube video right now? Yes to all questions.

Once you become a YouTuber, you won’t let go.

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YouTube Analytics Summary

  • 11 videos
  • 5 public watch hours
  • 1.5K Impressions
  • 139 unique viewers
  • 13 subscribers
  • The proportion of…

I embarked on a journey of discovery, disappointment and renewal. Here is my new relationship with makeup.


When I was in high school, girls would wear beautiful straightened hair, glossy lips, pulled eyebrows, a truck of mascara with a side of a landslide of foundation… I describe it just how I thought of it back then.

I wanted to be just like them.

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I asked my mom why I couldn’t wear makeup and she replied “te vas a poner vieja, maquillaje es malo para la cara, te van a salir granos y manchas”. (In English, that means “you are going to get old, makeup is bad for the skin, you will get pimples and dark spots”)…

“Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary.” — Karen A. Baquiran

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For many first-generation college graduates, the most shocking aspect of post-graduate life is not work-life balance, work commute, work relationships, or work promotions — it’s simply the first paycheck.

If you managed to get a satisfactory paying job after graduation and you’re a first-generation graduate, it might be the first time you experience a surplus of monthly income. Your first reaction may be to give the money to your family to support them or to simply say and celebrate “I made it”.

Unfortunately, graduating and getting the first paycheck is not the “I made it” moment. …

Bharatanatyam dance was created in Tamil Nadu, South India.

The history of Bharatanatyam is as follows: A group of people known as The Celestials and Indra were fighting against Rakshasas. The fight was on the premise that evil must be eliminated so goodness can be brought to the people. Because the fight went for a long time, together they concluded to approach Bhrama (the creator) for a resolution. They told the creator to give them something they could admire and appreciate visually so they could feel happy. It is said, that with that request, Bhrama created Bharatanatyam dance. Each dance…

Malambo is an Argentinian dance that combines a dancer’s step skills (zapateo) with usually a drum( bombo) and a guitar. The dance consists of three elements:

cepillada- slide the sole of the foot on the floor

repique- strike the floor with the heel

floreos- creative movements chosen by the dancer

Malambo used to be a competition between gauchos (south american cowboy). One dancer would start by showcasing a routine and end with a salute. Then the other dancer had to repeat the same routine, add new moves, and end with a salute. Little by little, each dancer had to copy…

Airtable combines the capabilities of a database with the simplicity and familiarity of a spreadsheet.

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Founded in 2012, Airtable is getting a lot of attention from freelancers, to small companies and to corporate giants. I started using it when I began my role at MIT.

I now use Airtable daily to maintain data infrastructure, test out digital strategies and manage projects.

  1. Create a Base
  2. Create a Table
  3. Create main data type (First column)
  4. Create attributes for the data type (Name and categorize each column associated with your main data point)

Marisol Consuegra

Founder of True Valentini. I write about sustainable living, personal experiences, business, travel and dance.

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